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Hi , thank you for your interest in the CleanLogix Rental Program!

Renting is a great way for your company to try CO2 technology before you buyWe offer 1-3 month rental contracts. The CO2 rental systems are categorized into CO2 Precision Cleaning, CO2 Industrial Cleaning or CO2 Machining.

Our CPU® demonstration systems are intended for basic engineering validation work and are not offered for sale. These systems do not include work stations to provide proper evacuation and containment of removed containments. Also, proper ESD control must be considered for ESD sensitive device cleaning. Finally, these units do not provide CO2 purification capability. As such purified liquid CO2 (cylinders with siphon tubes) must be procured for use as a clean CO2 supply, and clean dry air or nitrogen gas must be provided as a propellant supply.