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KinteX™ Tech Spec

KinetX™ is a fully customizable surface treatment platform that employs patented pre-wash, rinse, and post-treatment processes that can remove a multitude of surface (and subsurface) contaminations including machining oils, particles, bioburden, extractable residues, and much more.

KinetX™ combines centrifugation, ultrasonics, exclusive CO2-expanded and/or optional O3-loaded prewash agents, liquid carbon dioxide, and optional downstream plasma post-processing with energy-efficient fluids recycling and reuse in a single system.  This system is the most capable precision cleaning platform available today and uses only environmentally safe and non-toxic cleaning agents. The parts washing chamber is a top-loading basket centrifuge with a manual or automatic closure.  The system includes fluids distillation, re-circulating spray-under-immersion, and clean fluid storage.  An industrial PC (iPC) with a graphical user interface is standard.  Custom 3D printed cleaning baskets or fixtures can be developed to securely hold your parts for maximum protection and cleaning efficiency. An optional LightSPEC™ UV-VIS spectrophotometer and liquid particle counter is available for in-situ monitoring of CO2 process fluids for quality control.